From cabin to cave, The Caverns delivers its world-class Bluegrass Underground opening for Pelham Pointe guests

The Caverns’ launch was a night filled with ear- and eye-candy for Pelham Pointe’s guests. The extraordinary efforts of the region’s newest performance venue were nothing short of stellar. Throughout the evening, music fans and artists alike were smiling as they shared in the magic sounds of Billy Strings and Cuba’s Sweet Lizzy Project. For Pelham Pointe’s guests, The Caverns were just a four-mile drive (4 miles!) from the cabin. And, those four miles are on a beautiful, near-direct, back county rural route along the mountain’s base. Literally, from cabin to cave in mere minutes. If you happen to be visiting for Bonnaroo, come and experience the region’s best offerings on top and within the mountain! Pelham Pointe Vacation Rental Cabin Monteagle The Caverns

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