As Bonnaroo begins, Pelham Pointe Mountaintop Rental Cabin’s newest musical neighbor gets a rocking Rolling Stone review – The Caverns, in depth!

The Caverns in beautiful Pelham, Tennessee, is quickly gaining national attention as a destination of choice for live music fans. While Bonnaroo begins this week just down the road in Manchester, The Caverns has just received a rave review in music magazine Rolling Stone. Read Chris Parton’s most excellent and comprehensive article about Pelham Pointe’s newest musical neighbor and the people who make it happen.

Just four miles down and around the cove, The Caverns’ cave concerts are being enjoyed by many of Pelham Pointe’s guests. And for good reason – folks enjoy the best the mountain has to offer, above and below!

So, surround yourself in spectacular views and comforts up on top of the mountain at Pelham Pointe and then drive mere minutes to the best in Tennessee’s music down under.

Congratulations to the entire crew at The Caverns! Pointe Mountaintop Cabin Rentals The Caverns Rolling Stone


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