What makes a Pelham Pointe cabin rental vacation so special?

First-time guests often ask about vacationing at Pelham Pointe and what’s so unique about staying at our cabin? Pelham cabin rentals are popular, and our family’s cabin certainly provides many creature comforts and recreation for an amazing stay. However, it’s what’s outside that’s become so dear to our hearts – the amazing outdoor natural beauty of the Cumberland Plateau. Mere words cannot describe the majestic valley views from the wrap-around deck at Pelham Pointe. You’re in the scenery, hundreds of feet above the rural valley floor. The surrounding wooded forests, incredible geology, diverse wildlife, abundant birds, brilliant wildflowers, breathtaking sunsets, and amazing nighttime skies all entice the senses in a unique and extraordinary way. And all of this surrounding serenity is exclusively yours within our property’s private 35 acres – you’ll have the mountaintop to yourself to experience and enjoy. Should you venture down the mountain to the winding country roads and explore Grundy County, you’ll be mesmerized by some of the finest waterfalls, caves, mountain hikes, rock climbing, rivers, lakes, and wonderful people that you can imagine. Even The Caverns musical performances within their new cave venue are an natural wonder not to be missed. Come and enjoy a Pelham cabin rental in Tennessee at Pelham Pointe!  (Airbnb availability here)




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